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Facebook and pornography have a lot in common

Facebook and Pornography seem like polar opposites. Yet there are some parallels that exist between them that are either purely coincidental, or show that these may be tools being used to craft a bigger story.

5 reasons to support the Dwell Scripture Listening App

What is Dwell? Dwell is a mobile application that is designed exclusively for listening to the Bible being read. Dwell is coming into existence because its creators (Joshua Bailey & Jonathan Bailey) believe that the reading experience has been nailed in mobile apps, but not the listening experience. Reason #1: It gives a different experience of connecting with God's word When … Read More

You don’t have to be the most qualified to serve God

Sometimes we think we need superpowers to serve God but that isn’t always the case. Serving God is hardly about having the right qaluifications and more about having the right heart.

God is already delighted with you

Its important to remember that God loves us. When we understand that, we can do works with a heart that glorifies God, as opposed to a heart that is seeking to earn salvation.

Thoughts on living a more relational life

Imagine this Early afternoon, maybe sometime shortly after midday. It’s The Champ, he’s walking through the streets of Jerusalem, listening to the latest motivational podcast. There’s a leper who needs healing, he swerves like a rugby player about to be tackled. There’s a lady with a bleeding problem, he picks up the pace, ‘Can’t get distracted, I’ve Got to Give … Read More

Thoughts on defeating sin in your life

I think sometimes we tend to try divorce Jesus from Discipleship. And what I mean by that, in light of the definition that a disciple is someone who brings all areas of their life to conformity with Jesus, is that we can easily say: “This Jesus guy is cool. I like what he says. I love this guy with my … Read More

Defeating envy when everyone else is prospering

Jealousy has a cousin, and today we’ll look at how to kill them both.

Why does God let Christians suffer?

Trials are something that every believer should get accustomed to. The argument concerning trials has never been if they come, but when they come, and when they come, they are in various forms of all shapes and sizes. Trials serve in incredible role in the life of the believer as we are soon to explore.

A perspective on suffering

In the gospels we read a lot of short stories (or parables) that Jesus told to illustrate a spiritual message. I thought I would take up this tradition. See if you can spot the deeper meaning in the following parable.   So there’s an old story I love, that goes a little something like this:  

The courage to bring God glory

So lets admit it. We all want to do great things for the Kingdom. We all want to bring God glory and to help other people find fulfillment in Him. Yet when we consider evangelising, teaching, serving or preaching, it’s easy to feel quite overwhelmed. Let’s look at two miracles Jesus did in the book of John and what they … Read More