5 reasons to support the Dwell Scripture Listening App


What is Dwell?

Dwell is a mobile application that is designed exclusively for listening to the Bible being read. Dwell is coming into existence because its creators (Joshua Bailey & Jonathan Bailey) believe that the reading experience has been nailed in mobile apps, but not the listening experience.

Reason #1: It gives a different experience of connecting with God's word

When the printing press came into being it allowed us to print bulk copies of text in a breeze, making the Word of God more accessible by allowing us to easily have a copy of it in our own home. Now in the 21st century, mobile apps such as YouVersion's Bible App have allowed us to carry that same reading experience with us on our phones.

However, during the times of the bible they didn't have all of these fancy things. The primary way people came to know the contents of the bible was to hear them being read to them.  This aspect of listen to the word of God being read to you has not yet been adequately addressed. With the Dwell Scripture Listening App, you will be able to listen to the bible being read to you from any of the four unique voices they offer.

Reason #2: The voices they have on are incredible

The app features four voices, each with a different tone and vibe. Click the play button below to listen to a sample of John 4 being read by all 4 of the voices.

Listen to John 4 (with background music)

Listen to John 4 (without background music)

You are able to switch between any of the four voices at any time during playback.

You can listen to more samples of the voices they offer on either their website or their Kickstarter page.

Reason #3: The background music is specifically designed to be immersive and non-distracting

Music is a powerful tool. It can be used to draw you in, but it can also be distracting. The background music that you will accompany playback is tailor-made for listening to scripture and is composed by Chad Lawson.

Also, as demonstrated above, you are able to have playback without the background music.

Reason #4: The App looks absolutely stunning

A lot of design work has been put into the app. This design work has resulted in a beautiful iOS App that is expected to be released in June 2018 (with the Android version being released early 2019). The App has a stunning user interface and has original artwork for "illustrating Scripture in interesting and evocative ways."

Reason #5: You get a lifetime discount of 30% as an early backer

As an early backer of the project, you will pay $20 per year as opposed to $29.99 per year. This discount of 30% will be applicable to you for a lifetime. Pretty sweet right?

Go Support

Link to the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/47059836/dwell-scripture-listening-app

Website: https://dwellapp.io

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